Why is proper onboarding so important?

Because employee engagement when it comes to new technology matters!  At every new tech introduction, morale and productivity suffer.

That’s why it’s vital that all MoodStories customers follow our onboarding procedures and manuals to secure maximum engagement with their MoodStories launch. It’s about holding on to the users, by providing a well-designed onboarding process that educates the users about the importance for them as well in terms of using MoodStories frequently. You need to make sure that employees get a great first impression MoodStories and understands why they should keep reporting their well-being and mood! You want to protect your idea and people tech investment.

An awesome onboarding process that lasts more than three months and one that begins even before the first day of launch with engagement and information can do that. This is especially prevalent with the new generation of employees who expect speed and automation. Enjoy our efficient touch point process as seen below and contact us if you want to hear more about our experience in the field of technology onboarding.