What is the purpose of the MoodStories app?

The main purpose of the MoodStories app is to help us improve our happiness at work. MoodStories will regularly notify you to anonymously rate your workday. By looking at the trends that emerge we can understand the ‘temperature’ of the company and take action to improve our happiness at work. MoodStories, in other words, makes sure we keep a daily focus on our happiness at work.

How does MoodStories work?

The MoodStories app will notify you when there’s a new Workday Survey available. Open the app and slide the rating indicator to the smiley that represents your day. Once you’ve decided your rating simply press the submit button.

What are Mood Factors?

Mood Factors is what we call the factors that contributed positively or negatively to your Workday. You can add them to your rating by pressing the (+) icon under the slider and selecting the Mood Factor icons. Read more about what the Mood Factors mean in the app settings. Press the (?) button when adding Mood Factors to your rating to see an title for each Mood Factor icon.  

Is my rating anonymous?

Yes, your individual ratings are always anonymous. The management team will only have access to anonymised data and reports that show the overall trends in your department and the whole company. If your department has few people, for example like a smaller retail store, data from your department will not be visible for the management if you are less than 4 people rating your workday.

How often can I rate my workday?

You can maximum submit one Workday Survey per day. A new Workday Survey will normally be available each afternoon, Monday to Friday. You’ll get a notification from the app when a new Workday Survey is launched.

What if there is no Workday Survey on a day that I am not working?

You might receive a notification from MoodStories to submit a Workday Survey even on a day you are not at work. MoodStories is about tracking your happiness at work, so if you have not been at work on a day where there is a Workday Survey – just ignore it until there’s a Workday Survey available next time you are working.

What if there is no Workday Survey on a day that I am working?

Sometimes, if you are working on a weekend, for example, there might not be a Workday Survey scheduled. Just look for a alert from the app next time you are working and submit a rating for that day.

What do the smileys mean?

The smileys represent a rating between very unsatisfied to very satisfied. Look for the little (?) in the top left corner of the screen when you are doing a Workday Survey for explanation.

How do I earn Points (XP)?

Every time you answer a Workday Survey you earn points (XP). The amount of XP you receive is not linked to whether you submitted a positive or negative rating for your workday – you get the same XP whether you had a great or bad day. All your colleagues who give a rating will receive the same amount of XP for each Workday Survey.

You also earn extra XP for answering Workday surveys often – so remember to rate your workday in order to earn more XP!  

How do I use my XP?

As you gain more XP you will start to progress through levels. Many of the levels unlock new parts of the app. Here’s a quick guide on the levels in MoodStories.

What is the Common Goal?

You unlock the Common Goal Module at Level 1. Each Workday Survey you complete adds one donation to a Common Goal target. For example, if the target is 10,000 Workday Surveys then the goal will be reached when you and your colleague collectively submit 10,000 Workday Surveys. The Common Goal will change after it’s reached. Tap on the Common Goal for an explanation of the current Common Goal at your company

What are Snack Polls?

You unlock Snack Polls at level 2. Snack Polls are small bite sized surveys that ask you about your preferences. You’ll know how many new Snack Polls are available when the indicators around the home button are illuminated. Snack Polls are a fun way to earn some extra XP and share your preferences on all sorts of question.

How does the Statistics work?

You unlock the Statistics at Level 3. You can track your own Workday Rating over time and see the average of our department and the whole company. You’ll see your rating for each day you answered a Workday Survey and the Mood Factors that contributed positively and negatively to your day. This personal data is only visible to you.

What are Endorsement Gifs?

You unlock the Endorsement Gifs at level 4. Endorsement Gifs are a way of recognising your colleagues when they make you happy at work. Find the Endorsement Gif that shows how you feel. The MoodStories team will add new Endorsement Gifs so you’ll have new, fun ways to recognise your colleagues that make you happy at work. 

What is the Collection?

At level 5 you unlock the Collection where you can collect the Slider Stories you have seen when answering a Workday survey. The Slider Story is the background image that you see when rating your Workday. The image changes as you slide rating up and down. The Slider Stories you have seen are visible and the Slider Stories that you have yet to see are displayed in the collection. When you see a new Slider Story it will be added to your collection.

What are Sliders?

At level 6 you unlock the Sliders – this means you’ll be able to choose the slider you want to use when rating your workday. We’ll add to this collection and the more XP you earn the more custom slider’s you’ll unlock.

How do push notifications work in MoodStories?

MoodStories sends push notifications to remind you about surveys and other important information about the app. Depending on your company, the frequency of surveys can vary from everyday to only a couple times a week.
Sometimes, there can be some reasons you do not receive a push notification. In order to determine if you are experiencing a bug with the app and so our tech team can help resolve the issue, please double check the following:

  • You have the most up to date version of the app available from App Store or Google Play
  • In your app settings, please check that you have push notifications turned on.
  • In your device settings, double check that you have enabled push notifications for the Moodstories app. You can usually determine which apps are allowed to send you push notifications.
  • Log out and back into the app. This will normally reset your push notification settings.

Please note that while generally push notifications are recieved successfully in 95% of cases, some factors can influence whether a individual user consistantly recieves a notifications. These include whether the application is running in the background of their devie, low device battery or memory as well a issues with Apple and Google’s own push servers.

Contact support@MoodStories.dk if you experience any technical problems with the app.