Say Goodbye to measurement tools and HR apps that do not engage! Say HELLO to MoodStories - the world's first intelligent video coach and real time feedback app

MoodStories is an innovative employee survey app with a dialogue and coaching platform that enables the employee to participate daily. MoodStories is fun, relevant and motivating. MoodStories facilitates that employees are being heard through multiple forms of dialogues such as frequent feedback from management and interaction with colleagues through the app.

Participation by employees is rewarded through gamification, for example the employee contributes with each ‘workday rating’ to achieve a common goal. A common goal can be e.g. to support breast cancer research, which is an example of a common goal one of our customers Estée Lauder Companies has set. MoodStories also contains several small features that make the app fun for the employee to use. An example of this are the background animations, which can be specific animations of colleagues, who give their fun interpretations of a good / bad working day in a series of 5 pictures associated with 5 different smileys.

MoodStories makes it extremely easy and fast to ‘rate’ a work day, and the employee can easily indicate what makes the day good or less good. This provides the management with real-time data about where in the organisation things go well, and where in the organisation things are not going well. This gives knowledge about where to act and what to do to optimize employee satisfaction and the company’s overall performance. The management is also able to provide feedback and communicate to the employees via a video feed in the app. This facilitates agile management routines, where the management is engaged to inform the employees about where in the organisation things are not working, and what actions will be taken to make improvements. The video feed also enables the management to make general and motivating announcements to the employees.

Why choose MoodStories?

Here are 4 reasons why our customers choose to work with MoodStories

Annual employee measurements

The need for those decrease with the introduction of MoodStories. Say goodbye to static, inflexible measurements performed in a way that rarely creates value for employees and management.

Bureaucratic HR processes

Are easily eliminated with MoodStories, which, in line with the overall trend within HR, enables decentralization of HR through new technology and agile tools.

Millennials and Generation Z

MoodStories meets the new generations on their digital basis, with their expectations that their workplace also adapts to a digital pace, the convenience associated with this and a digital mindset.

How can you use data in HR?

MoodStories collects data anonymously (of course compliant with the Personal Data Act) and the data is actively used for action plans, dialogues and strategies within HR and management in general.

Engaged employees is simply good business. In fact, the increased business value is quite significant.

After only 3 months of focus on employee engagement the numbers speak for themselves:


increased productivity


increased customer satisfaction


lower churn rates


fewer sick days

MoodStories can help you realize these results for your organisation


MoodStories provides you with a range of features

Real-time data

MoodStories users can see their own, departmental and the entire organisations ‘mood’ over time directly in the app.

Individuel look & feel

All MoodStories customers get their own customized ‘skin’. This is for small as well as large companies.

Customised gamification

MoodStories adjusts the degree of gamification to the individual company’s culture and needs.

App & MoodStories Live

MoodStories is available on multiple platforms, both mobile, web and screens for your office, which drives further engagement.

Early warning!

MoodStories introduces a new routine in the company where management often listens to the employees AND reacts / communicates frequently – through video feed in the app.

Android & iOS & CMS

MoodStories is of course available to both iPhone and Android. In addition, CMS is the perfect tool enabling you to manage, setup and send surveys, questions, polls etc.

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